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Okay I keep backups of my present work on multiple harddrives - etc - but for my old work I typically put them on DVD and left them there.

Today I accidentally ran my chair over one said DVD which had all my old stories on it I wrote.

Having been down this road before (and lost a bit Choose Your Own Adventure story I wrote when I was 17-25.... it was big!!) I have decided that while I managed to find another DVD backup, that I would put them all on my harddrive backup system, but also post on here.

So you will see my old (and not soo good) stuff. Scraps will also get some unfinished stuff that I probably might never finish.

I was going to post to Writers.Com, but really I don't like having my stuff in multiple places.

Been asked by a few people now why I am so quiet and what I am doing, so quickly this is a bullet point of my life right now.
  1. New Work Project: as with the nature of my paid work I finish a project, and move on to another. Just gone on to a new project which is.... lets say really not in a great space, and it is taking a lot of my free time - but mostly my mental energy.
  2. Personal situation not great: The foster situation has got pretty ugly (without going into details) which is causing a lot of depression, and "tenseness". So that is taking up my time - probably more so than others mental energy wise.
    Additionally I have just broken two of my ribs.... so OUCH!
  3. Daz3d IRAY just hates me: I had to restart my piece I am working on now because I was having huge issues with the rendering times. I managed to get it working as I hoped, did a lot of pre-scene tests to make sure I wasn't going to hit the same issue, and then 30 pages into the render my render times again went from 30-40 minutes to 1.5 - 2 hours! Frustrating!!
    Add on to this, Nvidia did a update of Graphic drivers which also caused IRAY to stop totally - which took a while for me to work out.
    Lets just say - once upon a time it was about story telling.... now it is about getting the dam rendering engine to bloody work!
  4. Computer games: Okay to deal with the above three I find myself just trying to veg out some on computer games.

So yes, I am alive, I am kicking, I am still here looking at other people's work... I am just a little slow right now in my own creation.



Thought I was ask on here to see if others have had the issue, and/or found a resolution.

Since getting 4.9 (which I have to do for rendering on my 1080 card) I have noticed that loading a new scene, after loading one already, is taking a massive amount of time.

It hangs for extended period of time on "Clearing The Scene" - Right now after loading a scene (even if not too complex) I have to close Daz3d, reopen, and load new scene.

Anyone else having the same issue - or found a solution to the issue?
Okay, I want to make better and better stories but I am hitting a pretty heavy wall here which I can't seem to get my head around.

I am trying to make Lovedoll lines, or Mannequin lines - mostly for Genesis 2 and/or Genesis 3.

This issue is, I can't seem to get them to work.

I have tried looking over zbrush tutorials to see if that system would make much help - but HELL that is confusing to me! I have tried using Photoshop but my hand writing drawing skills are pretty much none existant.

So, I am asking for help. Does anyone have any tutorials, or even know someone who will do what is needed?

I think I am going to take a break from trying to do this for a while and move on to something else.

Here is an example of what is going wrong:
TheMannequinLineFailure-01 by Goldendawn69

This was just to make sure the UV and Seem Guide was correct - so I know that isn't the problem.
SeemGuideTest by Goldendawn69
Not much to say - going to hit the sack - but Happy New Year!!
Well, someone (offline) asked me today what leaving 2016 meant to me, and what I was looking forward to in 2017. I Thought about it for a while, and gave her my answer - but that was my real life and had to be of course guarded about how I want to talk about my online activities.

So I was thinking I would share with you what this year has been to me, and what I want 2017 to be for me.


What has been the biggest impacts of my 2016 year:
  • Roughest time with Wife - we had lots of up and downs and pretty much nearly broke up twice. Why? Communication at the end of the day. What we got out of it is stronger, and even now while we still have our issues we need to work through, we have been through hell and back this year and probably more understanding, and stronger together. Can't have the good without the bad as they say :)

    There will be another post on what comics I am going to finish in 2017 and which are getting the chop later - I am still working through the state of play for them all and will let you all know when I can.
  • New Child - Of course this has been the biggest change in my life. I'm a Dad... even though she isn't my own blood she is everything to me, and I have had to prioritize family far more than work/computer time. This hasn't been a box of fluffy ducks by any stretch of the imagination, and won't be in 2017 either, but I thought I couldn't cope with 95% of what I have gone through, and I suppose it has made me more understanding of everything, and what is big and what isn't big. Of course, there is still a lot of work to do there.
  • Work - oh the love and joy of work. Been a hell of a year and even more busy than any year before. The ups and downs have grown me, made me stronger, but also made me really wonder if my value is within the work I am doing and should I be looking for something else. Saying that, the money is good, and while my wife doesn't work we need all the money we can get to support our future, now with a child.
  • Daz3d - Daz3d has been a big change for me. I was a avid Poser supporter, and loved that application, but having done a lot more with Daz3d this year I have found myself disinterested in continuing supporting the 3d Posing giant (that pretty much started it all for me back in version 4) and instead have embedded more money into the Daz3d way of working. Will this be the final word... not sure - there are still things I miss in Poser that you can't do in Daz3d (I really miss the morphing tool!) but right now I can see Daz3d as my tool going forward into 2017.


So what will the new year bring for me, and hope that I can move towards.
  • Finish what I start - this is the hardest thing for me, and very high up on my list. It doesn't just mean for my comics, it means for everything. I have a habit to start something, find the interest fall off and then complete. That WILL stop in 2017.

    So from the comic view that means many of my comics that have stalled will be started again, while some will finally get the bullet and won't be done moving forward and I have to stop procrastinating on them.

    To do that however I am going to need some support, maybe some people who want to help me write, help guide me when I struggle, as I know one of my biggest weaknesses is that when things get hard (especially technically) I move off, play games, browse internet, even go do the lawns (which I hate) and the thing I have struggled with never gets solved until the next time I pick it up and realize I haven't still got a way forward.
  • Family - ultimately this is the most important under Finish what I start. This will be the biggest challenge for 2017 and the one with huge impacts to myself, my Wife, and my Daughter. So this is highest on my list of changed. My goal for 2017 is to continue to build my Father/Daughter bond, and also work out how we can move forward to making our life more grounded and finalized.
  • More Exercise - I have been struggling with my weight again since our family got bigger, and the main reason for this is not exercising anywhere as much as before. So I am STARTING (already started this week) to push myself a lot more on a nightly bases. I want to get back to my weight before I had my daughter (oh I wish this was true to how it sounded!!) and get more fit. Really is embarrassing that my daughter can not run as fast as me, but out runs me.... I'm like the fast hare that looses all the time :)
  • Finish some of my damn computer games - okay not anywhere as high as the above, but very important. I want to finish some of my 500+ computer games. I haven't finished a computer game in the whole of 2017 and feel a bit like I have wasted a shit load of money without really any show for it. So... I will be playing more computer games - but - not at the risk of the top two things.
So that is my look back, and my look forward. I have kept it very person to me, avoiding all the political, and sad stuff that has happened world wide, and how that made me feel about the year.

Anyway - if you want share you feelings on the year, and your hopes coming forward to 2017. Or, if you don't want to - then don't :)

Either way - I hope you all have a GREAT and WONDERFUL New Year start, and may all the best that you deserve come to you all for 2017.
Well Christmas time here, first with child, and having to do the whole Santa Claus thing :)

But to you friends, fans and otherwise, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and I hope that you get to enjoy it, even if it is to play a game, relax, have time with family - or however you want to celebrate peace and goodwill.

Sorry I was going to get out my latest comic for Christmas but had some family issues which derailed me a bit.

Again Merry Christmas.
Well stated I was doing a "If I was a Girl" story and I am now finished the rendering and putting it all within my comic software. I am just finishing off final edit for myself and then will pass to someone else to edit.

So all 64 comic pages of this story is very close to finish.

I will be releasing it as a Single PDF - for a couple of reasons
1) DeviantArt Upload functionality is shit for comics. You have to load them all individually, copy and past over each picture, and then if people want linked it is just a pain in the *** to link stuff and a lot of work for the comic creator.
2) Having it all in one PDF is easier to read for a lot of people, but also I can put some copyright information on the PDF more so than on the pictures themselves. Though it won't stop people extracting out the images and pasting them on other sites, it will make it harder.

Those who like individual pictures, sorry, you will find all my larger stuff will be created in PDF's from now on, and only individual pictures will be available when I happen to post to TGComics.

What is next for me
1) I have a small little Marble Transformation sequence I am going to post, which has been fully rendered, I just need to put text onto it.
2) I am looking at how I can continue on with some of the old comics I have done in Daz... for that I will then put up a poll to see which one people want to see finished sooner.
Surprise, I am posting - at least a little.

So some people have asked how I am doing, and well Family life is.... interesting, and fucking challenging beyond belief! It has some great highs, but some really bad lows as we are trying to bond as a family. If someone had told me how hard it was going to be I am not 100% sure if I would have taken on the challenge... but then there are days where out of the blue she runs up to me and calls out "Daddy! I want to hug you because I love you!" and at those small moments you hope that we are really bonding....
Then she usually blows up later in the day and all that is forgotten.

So it has a lot of ups, and a LOT MORE downs right now.

So, to try and combat some of the "depression" I am feeling I decided to restart some of my work after the little one had gone to bed.

And then IRAY happened!!

I don't know if it is just me or it is IRAY, but interior complicated scenes (with more than just a couple of objects) just is as slow as a wet week of sundays to damn well render. I have tried everything I can think of, and tried to find others who are having the same issue, but I haven't been able to get around the problem.

Basically everything is taking forever to render - there is no way in hell I can continue using IRAY as a rendering tool for comics at the rate it is rendering now.

So - I probably will redo all my IRAY work I had in play as original 3ddelight (which isn't as easy as it sounds since I converted all the textures to IRAY).

Good news is - I am rendering again - and something will be released - when........ god knows because of family and the pains of wasting over a week on just trying to get one damn picture to render due to the damn lighting and slow down issues!!

Hugs to you all.

Okay I didn't expect this because I have got a number of emails from people (37 in total) where people gave me alternatives on putting my stuff up, and that they hadn't had enough time to get my stuff, and .... "you can really keep this hidden if you do...."

So first of all - HELL that was a lot of emails from people to just ask if I could keep this site open. So thank you for your want and desire, and also for some people who did give really good information on how I can encrypt and prevent my little one seeing this information (I am using one of those ideas now).

The solutions people have offered do not deal with fundamental issues I have at this time for creating material (which is - that takes time I don't have with the new one coming, and additionally I can't use that on USB drive encrypted - tried - and also.... while it is on my main computer the little one can view it).

But - due to requests I have reopened my account for now... this is to allow people to download the pictures and stuff to their computer (please again, do not repost - I am not giving away my copyright to everyone to do as they will with my stuff).

There will be no new posts from me for a while, not until I have figured out timing and safe way for me to do my TG art.

As stated I will be doing some art but it will be posted to another account (which you can personally request from me in note, or email to
Okay this is both good and bad, but kinda bad....

For a while now my wife and I have been looking to foster a child, and in doing so we have been trying to get past "first stage" of the process. Now, one of the reasons I have been very quiet is because we have finally got past the first stage and things are moving really fast.

I have decided (as I originally did before starting this process a very long time ago) that if I have a child in my house I would remove my "link" to the more adult part of the transformation community, and in essence take a long break from TG, and Transformation related content.

This basically means that I am closing up my DA account, and going to start another account with another name (not linked to the same one). The new account will be new 3d stuff which will not be related to Transformations, and if there is they will be more mature, and certain less "risk" to include in them.

I am doing this close of account in 1 week (sorry for the rush but things have really moved fast) and therefore if you want to grab my stuff I suggest you download now.

I won't be putting my "new account" linking with my Goldendawn, but people who know me directly will probably know my other nick so if they are interested they can continue to talk. If you PM me, I will tell you anyway - but be aware - I won't be posting anything to start with, and it will mostly be 3d pictures and stories without TG, or Transformation included - if I get a time.

The child we are getting is really into music, so I am really going to be helping him to express himself with that medium and through that build bonds.

Sorry to all those who will be sad to see me go, but, basically this is great news for us (since we couldn't have children), and the move really helps us move into a more fuller life.

Just had a message asking where my stuff is - been busy at work mostly, but as explained in another post I am only posting finished work to DeviatArt from now on.

However, you can view my ongoing art as I release it - for free - at

If you do feel like donating to me however, your donations goes towards additional models/textures/etc, that I can use in future comics/stories.



After a few notes and comments I want to just clarify what I am offering here.

Offer to Comicize your storyWell I am hitting some pretty hard technical issues right now which are making a number of my things slow to work on - and I need to have breaks where I can still create easier work, allowing me to spend time to get the other technical stuff completed right.
Anyway - I had a thought. One of the things I am struggling with as I am working on the technical issues is story, and that is basically because of "Real Life" work, and these graphic limitations I am hitting I am finding it hard to come up with stories I feel are good enough to post.
So this is the offer if you want to.
1) I am willing to turn into comic any story, or script that is going to be between 1-40 pages (Landscape) I am happy to look at bigger pieces but can't promise I will do them in one sitting - however, based on history, it would be more likely to be finished if the story is between 20-40 pages.
2) The story/script has to be complete, not a thought, or idea of a story, but something you have written and would like t

1) This is not a commission - I am not asking anyone to pay for a commission. I will not accept money for doing a commission as I don't want to be doing any work other than art for your story.
2) I am not writing anyone a story. I have offered to take your story you have already completed (or want to write - but let me know first so you are not wasting your time), and if that story works for me, I will be willing to talk over turning your story into a 3d comic/art.
3) It doesn't have to be a comic - if you just want graphic's to enhance your story I am more than willing to offer up that also
4) You must not sell the work I have done - the right of the pictures stay with me, I am just offering to be "artist" for the story - however the story must stay free
5) Again - I am not writing any story. I am not interested in it is expected I will write any dialogue. You must supply the story or script.
6) Sorry but if I don't like the context, or it isn't of my interests (TG, MC, Mannequins....) I will not do the work.
7) If you have a story and I feel that I can't do that, then please don't have a go at me.... (seriously this has happened twice)
8) There is no limit to the stories, however, I will be more inclined to decline stories which are going to take more than 40 pages because I seriously do not have the time to do a huge project.... to put it bluntly the longer and more it takes, the higher risk of it not being completed.

I really do hope that people realize I am offering to do this so that while I work on technical issues around my present work I can do "easy, and quick to release" work that will fit within the story you have created. It is up to you if you wish to accept - but please understand that if I don't like it, or it isn't of my interest, or it is going to take too much work, I have the right to explain and not accept.

I am looking to "co-work" on someone's FREE story, that I also will enjoy working on as much as the person enjoyed writing it.
Well I am hitting some pretty hard technical issues right now which are making a number of my things slow to work on - and I need to have breaks where I can still create easier work, allowing me to spend time to get the other technical stuff completed right.

Anyway - I had a thought. One of the things I am struggling with as I am working on the technical issues is story, and that is basically because of "Real Life" work, and these graphic limitations I am hitting I am finding it hard to come up with stories I feel are good enough to post.

So this is the offer if you want to.
1) I am willing to turn into comic any story, or script that is going to be between 1-40 pages (Landscape) I am happy to look at bigger pieces but can't promise I will do them in one sitting - however, based on history, it would be more likely to be finished if the story is between 20-40 pages.
2) The story/script has to be complete, not a thought, or idea of a story, but something you have written and would like to see in graphic format
3) For personal reasons it needs to include Mental Alterations, or changes, or mind control, or Mind Break - basically "mental battle"
4) Needs to include transformation - sorry not interested in doing just cross-dressing
5) It is my choice if I will do a piece of work or not.
6) You are available for me to "chat" in IM or NOTE about the piece and if I need to make some alterations due to limitations around models etc.
7) Sorry I can't spend time to "flesh out a plot and story" myself. So if you come to me with a "I have an idea for a story, how about you make a man into a princess mermaid that escapes from her new father, only to be turned into a statue" I will not be able to do that story. You have to do the story, write the actions expected, the dialogue, etc. I am taking that story and then putting it to 3d art.

You will be writer of the story (on the comic cover), and I will be the Artist (like in a comic book).

If you have a story you would like me to look at and make into a comic book please NOTE me so that the story is kept hidden from others (don't want to spoil the story)

I am open to pretty much any transformation (if I can do it) as long as it includes TG, and some mind change/control elements in it (personal favorite and therefore I know I am enjoying myself for the free work).
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Okay, I decided I was going to in fact restart my Patreon site.

However, here is the catch.

It will be different to most Pateron sites you will see. Everything I put up on there is free of charge and view-able to everyone. Yep, that means you will see everything no matter how little or much you donate to me. Everything I post and decide to post there will be available to all. I will be posting part posts here as I do them, before I post them to DeviantArt or other sites.

Therefore, please can enjoy and read each of my individual comic parts that I do, as I will be posting them there for people wanting to see my ongoing progress on a comic, or art sequence, etc. And I don't expect comments either (though nice if it happens) but the wonderful comments can be left to DeviantArt when I publish the final pieces there in PDF format.

I do this because I know some people will want to see my stuff piece meal, and not as a final product. I also do it because I do like to publish my stuff slowly when they are done, but I am really not happy with the feed back I am getting on DeviantArts around people demanding things their way.

So on that - all personal "wants" and "suggestions", and demands for me to do my art a certain way, or to do transformations people want will be ignored - and maybe get you banned from seeing the site so you have to wait until it is finally released on DeviantArt. So please just enjoy the work and enjoy the stuff I do, and if you don't like it - move on to something else.

If you would like to Donate however:
Hell I am not going to say no if you want to donate, and help.

So, if you want to donate to me, to say thanks and help me buy new models and materials to make my large range of transformation stories easier to make, and also expand into new things (like mermaid transformations, or robot-girls, or new models for bimbos, or LARGE BREASTS!, or.... whatever) - please give when you want and when you can.

I am not giving anything special for this gift you give me other than my thanks, and the promise that your gift goes towards any of the multiple DAZ3d, Renderosity, Renderotica models that I buy to use on my art and the fact that it will help improve the options that are usable in my work.

However, that is your choice, and it is great if you do - but you don't have to feel pressured to do so.

Nothing on my Patreon site will be "you must pledge" to view. Nothing will be sold on my Patreon site.
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Sorry for delay in my latest comic - I went through and did the comic pages only to realize the lighting between a number of the shots were totally off, however, the lighting in Daz3d isn't changed.

Been playing around and finding it really hard to figure out what is going on, so have decided to work on fixing it up across all of the 41 renders.

If anyone knows of a "Flat white" type lighting setting up which is good for using in enclosed rooms that would be good.

The biggest problem with IRAY is that the lighting is visable (you can not hide the light source) so putting lighting into a comic which is the same between all camera angles is proving a pain in the.....!!!!!

Any help of suggestions would be great

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Well just got back from a nice long holiday overseas, and feeling a lot more refreshed. Have started on a new piece while my writing block is still a little in place, and going to be planning on my next steps in my work.

Hope you all had a nice New Year celebration (and for our Chinese friends - hope you are looking forward to your new one coming soon :D)

Hugs all.
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I am more than happy to admit one of my major fetishes and my work is around Mind Alterations, Identity Loss, and TG. However, I personally like it when it is drawn out and slow, and that even might not happy. So for example, someone is changed into a girl, and slowly broken down through action or magic until they start to either believe they have always been the girl, or love their life too much and now act like the girl they are.

The point is - the longer and more drawn out that process is the better.

Now finding this material is darn hard. Usually even in my own stories it isn't ultimately long enough for my own enjoyment (never happy with my stuff :P) but I want to get some of these stories for couple of reasons
1) I really like these types of stories
2) I want to see how other people do long drawn own transformations and mental alterations and not get boring

So my question is, does anyone know of any. Can be to buy material (happy to buy stuff), or even on free.

I do know a LOT of sites out there (so please I know the general ones we all go to anyway :p like fictionmania etc) but they typically have "wham bam thank you mam" type mental changes.

So can anyone else with any examples?

I am looking for
1) Full Transformation Type Stories (so TV or Crossdressing isn't really what I am looking for - there is also a lot of these slow mental changes type stories)
2) Where the mental alterations work over the length of the story, and not just within a small few pages (for example a chapter or two on slow mental alterations or corruption)
3) Where there is "battling" against the changes would be good - so not just "accepting" of the changes
4) Don't care if free or to purchase, but could you tell me an example and not just a author if possible please, since usually not all authors do the same things all the time.

Thank you so much if you can help
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Thanks for those who entered, and I have processed the random number. The following games are won by the following people.

The people who have won, can you please PM me your email address and I will send you the gift through Humble Bundle.

1) Banished…

2) Company of Heroes™ 2 - with DLC(s) Company of Heroes™ 2 - The Western Front Armies: US Forces, and Company of Heroes™ 2 - The Western Front Armies: Oberkommando West…

3) Payday 2 - with DLC(s) Payday 2: Gage Mod Courier…

(no one else asked for this - so this was a give away)
4) Contagion…

5) Contagion (yes multiple keys)…

6) Contagion (yes multiple keys)…

7) Euro Truck Simulator 2…

8) Besieged…

9) Saints Row IV…

10) Warhammer® 40,000: Dawn of War II & Warhammer® 40,000: Dawn of War II: Retribution… &…

11) Company of Heroes™ Complete Edition…

Sorry to say your options were picked up by the others, however there are three unclaimed games, so if you want one of the above unclaimed games I am more than happy to give you that.
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Sorry to say something has come up and this weekend when I was planning on doing my give away for games has become fully booked.

Therefore I have to pull the date forward (which shouldn't be an issue since no one has claimed a game for a few days now)

Therefore you have until tomorrow to decide (sorry for the rush).

If you have not already selected a game you would like to be raffle to have in the below thread, and want a chance to win a free steam game, please go to the following thread and put your request in.

Okay, I have been a big Humble Bundle user for a while now, but the problem is I am also a big Indie, and a big GOG, and a big Steam Purchaser. One of the reasons my credit card went over - but in check now. However, I allowed myself the join the Humble Bundle Monthly Bundle (with wife permission) as a way to help manage the amount of games I get. Well that was the idea, and it has failed big time!
The Humble Monthly Bundle Deal was to give the subscriber 6 games a month for $12 US dollars. In my opinion it was a STEAL.... however, in out of both bundles now I have only got 3 games (out of 12) that I hadn't already got! Also add on the fact I have a number of games also in Humble Bundles which also I have. I have found myself with a number of keys to games I already have, and they are not being used.
More information on the Humble Monthly is found here: